01 – IRON STUDIOS will hold the GOLDEN TICKET – WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY award, which will be open to all its customers;

02 – To participate, the customer must buy a WILLY WONKA statue – WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY – ART SCALE 1/10. All customers who purchase this statue may find a GOLDEN TICKET inside the box. There are 5 GOLDEN TICKETS spread in boxes around the world.

03 – Winners must access our website, fill in their data, and register the code present in their GOLDEN TICKET, in addition to attaching a photo of the ticket. That way, we will have proof of the veracity of the award.

04 – The conversion of prizes into cash is prohibited, in accordance with Art. 15 – Paragraph 5 of Decree 70.951/72, from Brazil.

05 – IRON STUDIOS employees cannot participate in the promotion. The promoting company will provide the consultation through the database at the time of verification.

06 – The result of the promotion will be disclosed through Iron Studios’ social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and its own platform.

07 – The prize consists of a statue WILLY WONKA – WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY – ART SCALE 1/10 in golden color.

08 – One of the 5 GOLDEN TICKETS will guarantee, in addition to the statue, a trip to São Paulo, with a date to be agreed between IRON STUDIOS and the winner, as the pandemic may affect a predetermined date by the company. All travel expenses will be borne by IRON STUDIOS, and the winner will be able to visit all establishments linked to the company.

09 – The prize referring to the statue will be delivered within 90 days, at the domicile of the prize winner.

10 – The winners agree to let IRON STUDIOS use their image and name to publicize the award and result in the media and social networks, without any cost to the company.

11 – IRON STUDIOS elects São Paulo – SP forum to settle any dispute arising from this award and its respective awards.